Monday, May 28, 2007

Steve Vladeck joins the (my) WCL faculty - welcome Steve!

Now, I'm not saying that the dean and our faculty did a little victory dance when Steve Vladeck agreed to lateral over and join our faculty at Washington College of Law - but I'm not saying we all didn't, either.

We are really, really pleased Steve is joining us - he adds a great deal to our traditional strength in laws of war and human rights (Bob Goldman and Diane Orentlicher, et al.), our human rights clinic (Rick Wilson and Muneer Ahmad), our summer human rights academy (Diego Rodriguez and Claudia Martin), our programs with the Interamerican Court of Human Rights (Dean Claudio Grossman), our existing strengths in national security and military law (Dan Marcus and Gene Fidell, et al., and then federal courts people like Amanda Frost writing in national security related matters) - well, we have a lot going on in these areas. And I'm going to embarrass myself because I have named only a few of our faculty involved in these fields.

Although, as readers of this blog can tell - the happy few - I write a lot in these areas, I actually teach in the business and international business areas. I teach a seminar on just war theory, but generally my courses are international economic law, corporate finance, private equity. I also have a large interest in international development and development finance - eg microfinance - and a large interest in nonprofit and NGO law, domestically and internationally, the tax side but increasingly even more the non tax aspects such as corporate governance of nonprofits and the financial aspects (both raising money and disbursing it) by nonprofits. My current plan is to develop a mini program on nonprofit law here at WCL.

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