Thursday, May 10, 2007

La Marseillaise is stuck in my head!

After listening to the YouTube video of the crowd singing La Marseillaise in Paris at the celebration of Sarkozy's victory, it is now stuck in my head. I have been humming it all day long. I even played it on my cello when I should have been playing Buxtehude. What to do?! I listened to the San Francisco acid rock album by the Jefferson Starship, Blows Against the Empire at the gym, but even the Jerry Garcia lead, sample here on Starship, was no match for La Marseillaise.

(Per request of commenter, I've linked above to one of the several YouTube videos.)

The Singing Professor, or, To the Barricades!

A play in indefinite acts.

Scene: Dinner, lovely DC spring evening, family - Jean-Marie, Ken, Renee, Uncle Jack - eating on the screened in porch. Twilight. All is peaceful with the world.

Jean-Marie (brightly): The salmon is great.

Ken: humming distractedly

Jean-Marie: Renee got a 97% on her earth science test.

Ken: humming distractedly

Jean-Marie: She did okay on the math test.

Ken: humming distractedly

Jean-Marie: But she got a C on the passive voice Latin test

Ken: humming distractedly

Jean-Marie: And she'll probably be thrown out of school.

Ken: humming distractedly

Jean-Marie: Tuition just went up to $250,000 a year. No senior got into college. And Renee's 8th grade ethics class has been mobilized as part of the National Guard and is being sent to do community service in Ira - will you stop humming that damn song! This isn't Casablanca!

Curtain, followed by terrible commotion off-stage. Unclear whether Act II will be played. Stay tuned.

The salmon is a variant of a recipe seen on the Rachel Ray show on the food channel, featuring salmon baked in a mixture of half cup rum, a tablespoon or so of mayonnaise, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar splash, splash of molassas, a couple of tablespoons of yellow Thai curry sauce, much garlic and much ginger, both best fresh. Cover salmon with sauce top and bottom. Very hot oven - 425 degrees F, about twenty minutes for a pound of salmon. It's Rachel Ray - which is to say, Not Low Cal.


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Link please! Why should you be the only one?

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