Sunday, May 20, 2007

Congratulations to WCL graduates!

Today is graduation at Washington College of Law, American University, where I teach. I'm about to head over to the ceremony. My warmest congratulations to my students and all the WCL students graduating today, their parents and friends and family who have come to join them.

Summer for me consists of finishing some very overdue manuscripts - my UN reform short book manuscript, in particular. I'm also teaching in the WCL London-Paris-Brussels-Geneva program for a couple of weeks in June. I do the international economic law part, which takes place in London and Paris. Then in July I'll do another WCL international economic law short course, in Santiago, Chile, which I plan to do in Spanish, so wish me luck! Although in some ways, talking about finance in Spanish is easier than many more mundane subjects, because there are so many close cognates.

I also want to finish a couple of TLS reviews this summer, one on immigration, assimilation, and citizenship, and another on microfinance and international development finance. My American University International Law Review essay on neoconservatism, Goodbye to All That? has remarkably made the SSRN current top ten list for law articles - who would have thought there would be that much interest (and maybe there isn't, once actually downloaded - "downloaded," of course, does not mean "read"). I have a talk in essay form on (really an attack on) the "new liberal realism" coming out in the Fordham International Law Review soon, but that is complete. And my Fukuyama review from the TLS is coming out in June in the Madrid Revista de Libros, which makes me very, very happy and proud - I used to read the Revista back on sabbatical in Spain a couple of years ago sitting in the cafes of Sevilla (accomplishing much less academic work than originally planned, but that is the Seville-effect) and sometimes thought about contacting the editors to see if I could submit something, and via the TLS, here we are. Luis Gago at the Revista has done a translation that makes me sound so erudite and intelligent that - well, I blush.

So that's what I'm up to at this moment. Now to put on a coat and tie and head over the WCL and see my students and all the students march in and ... graduate! Congratulations!

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