Monday, May 14, 2007

Marko Milanovic and commentators discuss human rights and humanitarian law interplay, and meaning of combatant, at Opinio Juris

Check out this very interesting discussion at Opinio Juris, kicked off by guest blogger Marko Milanovic. It starts with the question of the interplay of human rights law and international humanitarian law - John Cerone, by the way, has a new article out on this subject that I will try to remember to link to - and then moves into a discussion of the meaning and implications of combatant. I have my own views on both these topics of course; I tend to be closest in this discussion to Geoff Corn's comments, but also have some differences. As I am deep in the rewrite of a manuscript on the UN, UN reform, and governance, plus international development issues related to the World Bank and Paul Wolfowitz, however, I have to take a pass at commenting on this very interesting exchange.