Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Michel Cluizel grand noir 85% ... and the Food Channel

Maybe I am just starving, but in the showdown between Michel Cluizel grand noir 85% and Valrhona noir extra amer 85%, conducted between, well, me and me, at my desk this afternoon, the Michel Cluizel won. Hands down. It is not one of the "single origin" products. And maybe it's because I just spent several hours working out hard at the gym, but the Michel Cluizel is this afternoon's grand prize winner.

I also may as well admit that when at the gym, I have gradually become addicted to the Food Channel. I don't follow sports at all, but I have, alas, become an addict of Emeril Legasse, the skinny Italian woman whose name escapes me and, of course, Rachel Ray. It somehow seems like the right thing to watch when striving to burn calories and while operating at, oh, call it 20% normal oxygen. I have also noted, however, that with one or two exceptions, none of the chef hosts on the Food Channel can remotely be called skinny, and most of them qualify as unquestionably ... fat.

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