Sunday, November 04, 2007

End of daylight savings time ... time to perform the New Fire Ceremony?

The weekend when daylight savings ends is, almost by definition, the worst weekend of the entire year. The light will go out forever. The sun will never be seen again. By five o'clock, and then four o'clock, darkness will be upon the face of the deep.

(I think this year I am going to buy a light box and sit in front of it. Any suggestions on time and effectiveness and where to get it? Do they really help?)

Thinking it over carefully, I have decided the Aztecs were right. Unless we perform the New Fire Ceremony, and rip out the heart of a specially chosen sacrificial victim, light a new fire in his/her chest cavity so to relight all the fires in the world, the sun will fail to rise and we will be left in darkness for all eternity.

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