Saturday, November 10, 2007

Christopher Caldwell on criminal "adventure philanthropy" in Chad

The great Christopher Caldwell, the finest of American journalists covering Western Europe fulltime, has a column in today's Financial Times on the criminal debacle of what he calls 'adventure philanthropy' and its attempted abduction of children from Chad. Required reading for the international NGO community, I think. Here (open link for now).

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hank_F_M said...

Perhaps the Adventure Philanthropist should have checked the text of the Genocide treaty. Forced adopttions are mentitoned as means of committing Genocide.

Without commenting on what is happening in Sudan his actions are borderline. It depends on the motivation of the perpetrators; One could hardly blame Chad if they claim the stated goal was a subterfuge and the real purpose was to damage an ethnic or religious group “as such.”

What would France pay to prevent such a claim?