Sunday, November 25, 2007

Amazon prime is convenient

... and highly addictive. On the one hand, I find myself buying books that I actually do need but never quite got around to pushing the one click button because I was deterred by the shipping price, and trying to figure out the shipping options. Jean-Marie signed up for the flat rate prime program, and I do find myself clicking the button more. Truth is, though, I don't have time or interest in shopping in a store for anything this Christmas that I can buy online. When I look at the grocery section on Amazon and realize that cool coffee and chocolate and that kind of goo-gah can be bought and have delivered with no additional pain or expense - well, I'm going online for everything I possibly can this year.


Mattybeans said...

A lot of products aren't eligible for the Prime-watch out or you might pay shipping anyway. I am a fan, but don't know if things like coffee, etc. are usually eligible(ie. if they are from a third-party, they usually are not).

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