Friday, September 07, 2007

Sixteen years

... of marriage. Today is Jean-Marie's and my sixteenth wedding anniversary. They have been sixteen very happy years, spanning our days in New York City and Washington DC. One of these days - well, one of these anniversaries - I'll post something about our wedding day. But for now, let me just say thanks, as Jean-Marie and I do every year at this time, to Aryeh and Yvette Neier for their extraordinary generosity all those many years ago in offering their home in the Village for the wedding ceremony. They served as something like informal godparents in the whole process. Special thanks to Yvette, among so many, many things, for securing the judge to perform the ceremony and an announcement in the Times above the fold. Aryeh, for his part, performed the invaluable service of introducing Jean-Marie and me in the first place and, as I now observe in retrospect, it was no accident.

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