Sunday, September 02, 2007

The pork loin

... grilled and then finished with peaches and prunes roasted whole on the grill, the fruit then simmered in Cointreau, walnut oil, balsamic vinegar, orange juice, cinammon, chipotle, nutmeg, a little cacao, and a lot of vanilla, finally stirred over the pork. Jean-Marie fixed a corn, pepper, tomato salad, plus rice and home-made red beans. Dessert, an almond cake with fruit and whipped cream. Tod was out of town taking his daughter to a soccer tournament in North Carolina, but Tina and Molly came over, and our neighbors Mark and Dorothy. (ps Tod and Abbey made it after all, hooray.)

(Okay, this is essentially the same recipe that we served for dinner last Tuesday night, when we had a little party for Scott M., down from NYC, and Larry S., just arrived from Illinois. At that party, though, I also grilled wild salmon with herb de provence and fresh dill and cilantro; and made mashed potatoes to die for, literally, given the amount of butter and cream and garlic in olive oil and grilled roasted whole tomatoes chopped into the potatoes.)

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