Sunday, September 16, 2007

New - International Law Observer blog

I'm delighted to report that Dominik Zimmermann, of the Max Planck Institute, and some friends have created a new blog on international law, the International Law Observer. I've checked it out and find it informative and interesting. I'm adding it to my blog roll, and I encourage you to check it out. Here's a bit from Dominik's email describing it:

May I draw your attention to a new Weblog on international law, the International Law Observer:

A couple of weeks ago I created this Blog with some friends, who are all researchers in the fields of public international law or EU/EC-Law and active at various European universities or research institutions. It is our aspiration that this Blog will in some way promote the critical debate on up-to-date legal developments in international law, by reporting on recent developments in the academic field(s), informing on influential case-law of (inter-)national tribunals and courts and presenting international custom and important legislation by international organizations.

We hope that this Blog will contribute to the constructive exchange of ideas between scholars, practitioners and other active users and visitors of Legal-Weblogs. Moreover, the Blog attempts to function as a useful addition to the already existing line of Blogs on topical issues of international law. In order to enhance the interactivity between the pertinent Weblogs and to provide a complete as possible coverage of topical issues for the readers, we added a link to your Weblog in our link section. We would be very grateful if you would do the same.

Of course, comments and suggestions on our Weblog (design/shape as well as contents) are much appreciated.

By all means check it out, and a warm welcome to Dominik and friends to the blogosphere!

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