Sunday, September 30, 2007

Couperin, Pieces de violes 1728

One of my very favorite albums of viol music is Jordi Savall, Ton Koopman, and Ariane Maurette, Francois Couperin, Pieces de violes, 1728 (Astree). It is gentle and sweet, stately and dignified, yet with enough emotion and feeling in restraint, as it were, that it captures me. Sometimes when I am working very late, as in last night, I put it on over and over and over and over. (I have a weakness for jigs, and the Gigue of the first suite hooks me right in, and always has, and the Chaconne - I have a real weakness for the Chaconne, something about the interior beat - that ends the first suite is lovely.)

(Good heavens, I see that Amazon has listed only a used copy for $70! That seems excessive, to say the least.)

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