Friday, July 28, 2006

Welcome Instapunditeers!

My thanks to Glenn Reynolds for the Instalanche (although I value scholarly writing a lot, it is always exciting to welcome more readers in a single day than will ever read all my law review articles for the rest of time).

There was a bad link (my fault) to the proportionality in jus ad bellum and belligerent reprisal post; it is here.

Other posts from this blog you might find relevant on these topics:

Proportionality in jus in bello, here.
Geoffry Corn on proportionality in jus in bello, here.
Who Owns the Rules of War? Here.
Alan Dershowitz on degrees of 'civilianality', here.
Civilian collateral damage and obligations of defenders not to commingle, here.
Walzer and Catholic versions of just war theory and the criterion of likelihood of success, here.

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