Sunday, July 16, 2006

Cello, a Korean horror movie

Further to my post about cello music, you might check out the following trash-horror flick on DVD from Korea, Cello:

Tartan Films is set to release their next Asia Extreme DVD, Cello, on July 25th - so today they posted the trailer for the film on iFilm for you guys to check out. Read on for details on this year's Comic Con and Tartans involvment. Mi-ju, played by the beautiful Sung Hyun-Ah, is a brilliant cellist who craves peace and stability after surviving a car crash, which killed her best friend. Haunted by terrifying memories of the accident, she decides to forgo a professional career in music, in favor of teaching college students and her daughter how to play. Unfortunately, things begin to go terribly wrong. One of her students attacks her, her sister in-law becomes dangerously obsessed with her fiancĂ©e, and the new housekeeper is scaring her to death. Further, there is something very ominous and portentous about the music coming out of her daughter’s cello.

And a fabulous score of nearly all cello music ... how can you go wrong?

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