Saturday, July 15, 2006

Electric cello with wah wah pedal

When I was out at the Anderson family reunion at my brother's place in St. Louis, I was surprised by a late birthday present from my two brothers, Richard and John - a digitech modeling guitar processor pedal to use with my electric cello and amp. So, electric cello plugged into pedal plugged into amp, gain up - and I really can sound like a screaming lead electric guitar. Much to the annoyance of wife and daughter.

What I don't have is any kind of recording capability - my "little" brother John (actually 35 years old and a tax attorney with Debevoise in London), guitarist, has a whole setup for both synthesizing all sorts of other tracks and then recording everything.

I have been working on learning for electric cello Carlos Santana's late 1960s La Samba Pa Ti. Hal Leonard puts out a great music book with note by every last note transcriptions of each part for certain albums, including some Santana. It is hard. You have to realize I am actually a very bad amateur cellist - passionate, but not very good.

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