Saturday, April 23, 2005

Tom Sargentich, 1950-2005

It is with great sadness that I mark the passing of my Washington College of Law friend and colleague, Tom Sargentich, who passed away last Friday after a long illness. Tom was a great scholar of administrative and constitutional law, among other things, and co-director of our law school's very successful law and government program. He was also someone who would sit and talk ideas with you - warm, friendly, inquisitive, intelligent, and thoughtful. A wonderful teacher and scholar, he will be greatly missed.

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@nooil4pacifists said...

I hadn't heard until receiving the school's mass email (I found this since). Sargentich was easily the best teacher I encountered in law school. Over twenty years ago, he turned Advanced Ad-Law into an all-Chadha-all-the-time experience--Chadha, 462 U.S. 919, 951 (1983), being among the all-time interesting cases. He managed to reserve seats for the second oral argument--where I sat next to the possible-reason-for-mootness: Ms Chadha. See 462 U.S. at 936-37.

RIP Tom Sargentich--one of the good guys.