Saturday, April 09, 2005

Christopher Caldwell joins NYT Magazine as contributing editor

Congratulations to Christopher Caldwell, senior writer for the Weekly Standard and columnist for the Financial Times, who has become a contributing editor of the NYT Magazine. This is one of the shrewdest moves the magazine, under the editorship of Gerry Marzorati, has made to broaden and deepen its intellectual range - well beyond that, one should add, of the rest of the paper. Caldwell is the best American writer today writing on Western Europe - his reporting on Islam in Holland, Sweden, France, and Germany is absolutely essential reading. Brilliant move by the NYT Magazine, congratulations to Christopher.

(You can get some idea of the depth of Christopher Caldwell's thought from his recent address at the American Enterprise Institute, on Raymond Aron and the Atlantic alliance, here, with thanks to RCP.)

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