Monday, April 11, 2005

ASIL meetings

One of the great pleasures of the ASIL annual meetings (just concluded a week or so ago) is the chance to see old friends and acquaintances from around the world, and also to make new ones. I was particularly delighted this year to meet Chris Borgens, one of the three group bloggers at the international law blog Opinio Juris. I am a huge fan of Opinio Juris - I read it pretty much every day, and think you should too. I am also looking forward to meeting one of these days Chris' co-bloggers, Julian Ku and Peggy McGuinness - probably at another ASIL meeting. Chris - I'm very glad you walked up and introduced yourself, and Julian, I was delighted to get your email, to which I'll reply as soon as I get back from a conference in Austin this week on ... sovereignty.

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