Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Joining Opinio Juris!

As of July 14, 2008, I have joined Opinio Juris group blog on international law. I am so delighted to join the finest of the international law blogs; I have been a fan since its beginning.

Opinio Juris has gone through a complete revamp - an upgraded, completely redesigned site and an exciting new partnership with Oxford University Press. Check it out. (If you currently have feeds, etc., check out the instructions on how to get up to speed on the new site.)

I don’t intend to abandon this blog, so you might want to keep it on your blogroll or your feed. I will use it to post stuff that doesn’t seem quite right for an international law blog, as well as advertisements (so to speak) for various writings of mine. I do intend to post stuff about music, for example, and probably some quick stuff about books unrelated to international law topics. I might also cross post some things, too.

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