Friday, July 25, 2008

Ben Wittes Long War book discussion at Opinio Juris next week

I have said on repeated occasions that I regard Benjamin Wittes’s Law and the Long War as the most essential reading on Guantanamo and on the general question of what forward-looking counterterrorism policy should be for the United States, on matters of detention, interrogation, the role of Congress, and many other topics. Opinio Juris will be holding a discussion of the book next week, starting Monday, with a very impressive lineup of commentators: Glenn Sulmasey, Steve Vladeck, Geoff Corn, Bobby Chesney, maybe some others as well, and also Deborah Pearstein joining the regular OJ lineup. Check it out.

(And Marty Lederman too - Opinio Juris, only the finest in intellectual legal commentary!)

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