Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Santiago will be dark by 6:00 pm

Which is, truth be told, very disconcerting if you just arrived as I did from mid-summer in DC.  It has been a while since I've been in winter in the southern hemisphere.   The snow capped mountains just above the city look entrancing but alas I won't have time to go up there on this trip.

I am one of those mood-light sensitive people, and winter drives me crazy in DC. I wish I were out West in the high desert with lots of sunshine even if it is cold. In the deep winter, I Have My Doubts that the sun will ever return. Heard of the Aztec New Fire Ceremony? Big worry about the sun not showing up, so sacrifice someone very, very special - rip the heart out and relight the fires. I have to admit that I am quite sympathetic to the whole concept, at least in the mid-winter blues and blahs.

The photos are just playing around with blogger and my new built in web cam - I will maybe delete them later, I look like, well, that too and like I just got off a 14 hour flight and no sleep.

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