Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hesham Nasr on legal reform in the Arab world - podcast

I have a wonderful SJD - Ph.D equivalent in law - student at Washington College of Law, an Egyptian lawyer and judge named Hesham Nasr. His dissertation topic is legal reform in the Arab world, and in preparation for its defense in the fall, he gave a talk covering some of its central themes at WCL, American University, in April 2006. I acted as moderator and also offered a few comments. I strongly recommend the podcast if you are interested in a sophisticated and intelligent, practical but also deeply intellectual, understanding of law and law reform in the Arab world. The podcast is here. (Hesham is now in Afghanistan, training judges on behalf of a European aid agency.)


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The above comment was of course spam generated. But I am reminded of a column by, who else, Mark Steyn who remarked, upon seeing the epitome of "ineffectual idealism" so beloved of the left these days in the form of a Free Tibet bumpersticker, that he wanted one that said, Afghanistan and Iraq - I got my wish.

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