Sunday, February 05, 2006

Has Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International said anything about the Muhammad cartoon controversy?

Always nice to see people exercising their freedom of speech, while calling to behead other people who exercise theirs ...

Perhaps I have missed something, but I have been unable to find a press release or statement by either of the world's two leading human rights monitors, Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International, on the Muhammad cartoon controversy, the violence, the free speech and expression issues, or anything else. Could someone point me to the right web page if I have missed something? It has been weeks now and I have been greatly surprised that apparently neither of these two watchdogs has weighed in. But maybe I have simply missed it.

(Update, Monday, March 13, 2006. Human Rights Watch did finally manage to post a briefing paper - on February 15, 2006. I must say I am puzzled at how long it took HRW - ordinarily responding within nanoseconds to the latest developments - to respond on an issue that might have been thought to be a pretty easy call from the standpoint of the organization's trademark liberal internationalism. I say more about this issue in a later post, here (scroll down to footnote six at the very end), which is a footnote in a paper I am publishing next month, which I'll post to SSRN.)

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