Sunday, February 05, 2006

Boston Globe's Jeff Jacoby on Islamofascists and the cartoons

Boston Globe editorials have rewarded the Islamic crazies and sided with the censors, all in the name of a puerile multiculturalism. At least Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby has the guts to buck his own paper. Here. As he says, we are all Danes now - well, excepting, of course, the "brave" editorialists of the Boston Globe.

And this also by The Right Coast's Tom Smith, here:

"I think to view this whole episode as raising any serious questions about free speech is silly. The only question it raises is whether free speech is possible in a country that has a substantial number of people in it who do not believe in free speech. The answer appears to be, maybe not. Some Labour MP has opined that, if the women holding the placards saying "Those Who Insult Islam Should Be Butchered" can lawfully be deported, they should be. Sounds about right to me. That's a little bit of diversity we can do without.

Not all Muslims, of course, are nutballs. There are the reasonable Muslims, some of whom are actually speaking up now, which is certainly welcome. But I suspect there are also sophisticated people in places of power in Saudi Arabia and Syria and other such places, quite happy to see the mobs unleashed to rattle the confidence of poor old Europe. These are not the people throwing firebombs, but rather the people making phone calls to tell the police chiefs in Damascus to go easy on the demonstrators. It is a strange, little controversy, but it does give the Muslim world an opportunity to demonstrate its strength, for the Muslim Street to flex its muscles."

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