Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Thanks to Larry Solum at Legal Theory Blog

I'm grateful to Larry Solum at the indispensable Legal Theory Blog for his kind welcome to the blogosphere. I'm a novice at all this technology stuff, and entirely dependent on automated, idiot proof sites like blogger.com. Larry is an old and good friend - from our days as undergraduates in the philosophy department at UCLA, where our professors included Philippa Foot and Rogers Albritton, to Harvard Law School. But Larry has also been a very good friend in advising me on how to look for an academic position when I went on the teaching market in the mid-90s, and without his sound advice, I would not be here at American University law school. He is one of the smartest jurisprudes and legal philosophers around, and I have been following his legal theory blog for several years before deciding to stick my toe into the water with this law of war and just war theory blog. My thanks to Larry for mentioning this blog.

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