Saturday, April 04, 2009

Fred Siegel on the origins of American liberalism at Telos blog

Fred Siegel, the historian who wrote the biography of Rudy Giuliani a couple of years ago, has a post up at the blog of Telos, the journal of critical theory, titled "Taking Communism Away from the Communists: Origins of Modern American LIberalism."  

Fred is one of the clearest academic writers you can imagine, and this piece is a terrifically informative, well written discussion of the rise of modern American liberalism from an intellectual historian's view.  It's a terrific piece, and for readers who are suddenly trying to figure out how we got a social democrat or a socialist or something into the White House and what that means in the long view of American history, this is it.

If you are an intellectual, you really should subscribe to Telos! Very important reading!

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