Thursday, October 09, 2008

Kori Schake, our Bond heroine!

The current issue of the New Yorker, week of October 13, 2008, special election issue, has a nice article,“Worlds Apart,” by Nicholas Lemann on the foreign policy differences between Obama and McCain - including a good discussion of each candidate’s foreign policy advisory team.

There’s a very nice reference to the wonderful Michael McFaul of Stanford (and, note, a Hoover Institution senior fellow), an Obama advisor who helped get his campaign straight on Georgia and Russia.

But especially terrific is the description of the Very Great Kori Schake, a McCain advisor, West Point professor, and also a Hoover fellow, with a new book out on foreign policy. Kori Schake, Lemann says, “might be plausibly cast as a heroine in a James Bond movie - the sort of character who speaks several languages and is also an Akido master.”

Absolutely. As someone privileged to know Professor Schake, I can confirm this.

(The article is not online, alas.)

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