Thursday, May 08, 2008

Nicholas Eberstadt on 'Graying Europe' in the Revista de Libros (Madrid)

If you read Spanish, you should check out Nicholas Eberstadt’s new essay - part of a three part series - on demography in Europe. It is:

Nicholas Eberstadt and Hans Groth, El proximo desafio demografico de Europa: la rentabilidad de la salud, Revista de Libros (Madrid), No. 137, May 2008.

The Revista de Libros website is here (although NIck’s article is not available online). Nick is one of the world’s leading demographers, and holds a chair at American Enterprise Institute here in DC.

I regard the Revista as the finest Spanish language literary review - the equivalent of the New York Review of Books, the TLS, or the London Review of Books. It is such a pleasure to read, both for the prose in Spanish - but equally for the intellectual and cultural breadth. Of course, I have a certain bias. I started reading the Revista while on sabbatical in Spain four years ago, and got hooked. Eventually I found myself in contact with the review, was delighted to have a piece of mine from the TLS published there, and ... well, I am proud to say I am the coordinador de ciencia politica for the Revista - roughly the editorial advisor on political science.

All that said, I am late, late, late with a review of my own for the journal, a review of Paul Kennedy’s history of the United Nations, Parlamento de la humanidad.

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