Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Feeling guilty about going to bed while my daughter is still doing homework at 11:30 pm

I feel like going to bed. It's past eleven pm, on a Wednesday night, I have to teach classes tomorrow morning, and anyway, I'm tired. But I am sitting here still working away because my kid is still slaving away down at her desk in the basement. I feel like there's something wrong with my quitting work before she does. Especially when she gets up earlier than I do. Call it my expression of solidarity. Actually, it's just guilt. Should I feel guilty about knocking off before she does?

Oh well, it has enabled me to make much more progress on my UN-US relations manuscript. And I'm about a thousand words into a short, just-the-facts review of Judge Posner's three books for Rowman and Littlefield on counterterrorism - I'm going to see if the Journal of Terrorism and Political Violence would like to run it at 1200 words.

And here's the current draft table of contents for my very short UN essay book (25-30,000 words) in the same Rowman and Littlefield series as Judge Posner's (all very much subject to revision, as it's very possible I might change my mind about this whole structure and do something more conventional) (also, if someone could tell me the Latin for perpetual immobility, that would be useful):

The Two Faces of Multilateralism:
United States-United Nations Relations after the Bush Administration


After the Bush administration

The UN of Multilateralism

The UN of Insecurity and Perpetue Inmobile

The UN of Anti-Americanism

The UN of Values and Anti-Values

The UN of Incompetence, Rent-seeking, Theft, and Anti-Reform

The Leveraged Buyout of the UN of Competence

The UN of Thankless Tasks

The UN of Global Governance

A reversion to the multilateral mean?


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