Sunday, June 10, 2007

We're in London, teaching in the WCL summer Europe program

We - Jean-Marie, Renee, and I - arrived in London from DC yesterday. I'm teaching international economic law in London and Paris in WCL's European law summer program. It's a great program - the students get exposure to IBT, EU law, human rights, and environmental law in London, Paris, Brussels, and Geneva. We'll be here for just half of it. I guess you'd call it the classic academic vacation - I work (although, to be sure, not exactly horribly so, and in fact far from it) and family plays. With the covered expenses and an honorarium, we about break even - unless Madame Jean-Marie visists a certain Paris boutique called Agnes B, in which case all bets are off. My niece Tracie is also joining us this trip; she arrives tomorrow. There are about 65 students this year, which is pretty good, I understand. Weather, which had been rainy and cool, has turned sunny and bright with our arrival. Jean-Marie's internal clock adjusts effortlessly with the light - she sleeps when it is dark, and wakes when it is light, no matter where in the world. Renee and I have a much tougher time. I have been doing something radical for me, which is to drink coffee, and I have even been handing cups of espresso and milk to Renee, which is probably wicked and will stunt her growth, except that she stopped growing a while back. Today we are mostly just walking around outside to get adjusted to things. The WCL program puts everyone up in the most fabulously centrally located hotel in London - half a block off of Trafalgar Square, on the way to the Embankment station. Unbelievable location. It is great being here. I brought my camera, but I'm not sure I brought any means of getting the pictures out of the camera and onto the internet. We'll see. My brother and his wife are here in London - he is a lawyer in tax and private equity at Debevoise and Plimpton, and these trips are a great way to see family that is far flung. And I'm looking forward to seeing Anthony Dworkin, editor of the Crimes of War site - it's been a couple of years (!), and some other folks too.

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