Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My apologies for missing the Vancouver ASIL/AALS meeting

I owe Jose Alvarez and the other planners and conferees of the international law teaching and scholarship panel at the Vancouver ASIL/AALS meetings taking place in the last couple of days a big apology for canceling late and not being able to attend. There was an important and overriding personal reason for not being able to be there and remaining to teach in Europe longer than originally intended, but I know it inconvenienced everyone and created distinct problems of balance on the panel I was supposed to be on. It is an area that interests me a huge amount - the way in which we as international law academics do both scholarship and teaching - and I earlier posted my initial thoughts about this. It's something I am slowly writing about, and I had looked forward, from my own personal perpective, to getting feedback and ideas from others about this area, and I very, very much regret not being able to be at the meetings.

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