Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thanks to Wayne State University Law School

... and to Professors Greg Fox and Brad Roth for organizing, and inviting me to participate in, a very interesting discussion of counterterrorism and international criminal law issues - I'm late posting this, I'm afraid - now two weeks ago. Madeline Morris of Duke Law School, Steven Ratner from Michigan, myself, along with Greg and Brad, had an excellent discussion of counterterrorism issues in Detroit. It was an excellent opportunity for me to try out some of the ideas I've been trying to develop about "counterterrorism after the war on terror," or "counterterrorism in a new administration," or "approaches to counterterrorism that include not just war and law enforcement but lots of other things besides, and what should be the legal regulation of those other things?" on a very smart and knowledgeable group of people. The faculty and dean and staff at Wayne State were great - what wonderful hospitality! My thanks to all of them.

Here's a link to a school newspaper article that covered the event on Monday, March 26, here.