Monday, March 19, 2007

Thanks Legal Theory Blog for mentioning my Goodbye to All That? A Requiem for Neoconservatism

When the brilliant and erudite jurisprudentialist Larry Solum posts my SSRN abstract on the Legal Theory Blog, gives it his highly coveted "highly recommended" rating, and tells the world that I am a "creative and deeply interesting thinker," well, who am I to disagree? Larry, who is an old and dear friend and must be forgiven some creative liberties in that post, is referencing my newly published Goodbye to All That? A Requiem for Neoconservatism. It just appeared in 22 American University International Law Review, No. 2, at 277 (March 2007). Available at SSRN, free download, here. (The earlier working paper is also up on SSRN, this one, with the American University vol. 22 reference, is the one you want, the final version.)

The piece is a long review essay on Francis Fukuyama's After the Neocons and Peter Beinart's The Good Fight but, as with most of my long review essays, it is mostly me on neoconservatism with a large discussion of multiculturalism, and a sharp attack by me on what I call the "new liberal realism." Fukuyama's book is a powerful one, and will likely be around for quite a while as the defining intellectual statement on neoconservatism. Beinart's book troubled me a great deal - it has a very powerful positive point wrapped up in a rant that seems mostly designed to reassure Beinart's liberal readers that he really is one of them. I will post a couple of bits from the essay up here, and if I can figure out how to do it, set up a space on this blog on the offchance that anyone wants to comment on the essay or the books reviewed.

The AUILR review is an expanded version of an essay just on the Fukuyama book in the September 20, 2006 Times Literary Supplement, downloadable at SSRN, here.

(Update, March 19, 2007. And thanks Instapundit for the Instalanche of the paper on SSRN! thank you Glenn Reynolds!)

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