Thursday, February 15, 2007

Does blogger seem to be working again?

(Okay, the picture loaded without the error message, so that's good. But the text is all squinched up. Oh well, better than nothing.)
(Huh, that one worked, too. Maybe it really is fixed. Okay, let's try a picture - and maybe it will even load without messing up the justification of the type face, which is why I stopped using pictures in posts a while back - the type got all squinched up in blogger beta, although it didn't in old blogger. Okay, so here is a picture of Renee from last year, in the British Museum. Notice how happy she looks, which is to say, notice how happy she looks, out of and away from her school.)

(Okay, that one worked. Now let's take longer and add more text below and see what happens.)

I haven't been doing too well with blogger in the last few weeks, getting error messages whenever I try to post. It seems like if I post fast enough, it will go through, otherwise the error message. It's annoying, and I may change to some other service if the problem doesn't go away.

Test text:

It is only too apparent that cosmopolitanism is the privilege of those who can take a secure nation-state for granted. Though we have passed into the post-imperial age, we have not moved a post-nationalist age, and I cannot see how we will ever do so. The cosmopolitan order of the great cities - London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris - depends critically on the rule-enforcing capacities of the nation-state ... In this sense, therefore, cosmopolitans like myself are not beyond the nation; and a cosmopolitan, post-nationalist spirit will always depend, in the end, on the capacity of nation-states to provide security and civility for their citizens. In that sense alone, I am a civic nationalist, someone who believes in the necessity of nations and in the duty of citizens to defend the capacity of nations to provide the security and the rights we all need in order to live cosmopolitan lives.

Michael Ignatieff
Blood and Belonging:
Journeys into the New Nationalism

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