Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thanks to Sanford Levison for coming to Hoover DC to talk

On December 4, 2006, my dear friend Sandy Levinson came over to Hoover DC's offices at Dupont Circle and talked about his new book, Our Undemocratic Constitution. Tod Lindberg, editor of Hoover's Policy Review and I host these meetings, which are always very small, just a group of interesting people talking around a conference table. But this particular discussion was very good - it had perhaps more of a comparative law and political science flavor to it, with Mark Plattner, editor of the Journal of Democracy, leading off with a response, and then other people such as Bill Galston and Fernanda Nicola (an expert on the EU from my law faculty) and Steve Rickard from the OSI DC office and the writer Michael Lind and Amanda Frost (a federal courts and constitutional law scholar also of my faculty) and Volokh Conspirator and GMU law school professor Ilya Somin weighing in. A great discussion, my thanks to everyone for participating, and a particular thanks to Sandy for coming to do it.

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