Friday, August 25, 2006

Rift Valley Institute London Office seeking interns for Fall 2006

The Rift Valley Institute, with offices in London and Nairobi, is a small yet highly influential NGO working on issues related to East Africa and, in particular, Sudan. Its web archive on Sudan is a critical resource to researchers, academics, activists, and others around the world. Its programs offering training to foreign workers going into Sudan are likewise a terrific resource for NGOs, governments, and intergovernmental organizations seeking to do work in an unfamiliar environment. RVI, under the directorship of John Ryle, a longtime Africa and humanitarian NGO expert and journalist, is seeking interns for its London office for the September, October, and November 2006. Announcement below:

The London office of the <> Rift Valley Institute(RVI) seeks graduate interns for periods of one month or more during September, October and November 2006. The successful candidates will assist with administration and development of the Institute's information projects.These include an upgrade of the RVI website, expansion of the recently-launched <> Sudan Open Archive and improvement of the Institute's contact database.

Useful qualities include the following: IT and editorial skills, administrative aptitude, experience in Eastern Africa and knowledge of one or more of the languages of the region.

Applicants should contact Mohamed Osman by e-mail at<>, with a CV, contact details and a one-paragraph account of skills and experience in the fields above. Interns receive £10 expenses per day.

The Rift Valley Institute is a non-profit research and training organization working in Eastern Africa, particularly Sudan. RVI programmes connect local knowledge to global information systems. They include field-based social research projects, support for local educational institutions, in-country training courses and an online digital library (the Sudan Open Archive). Fellows of the Institute include regional academic specialists, and practitioners in the fields of development, conservation, media and human rights.

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