Thursday, May 18, 2006

Is this form of caffeine so very wrong?

I don't like the taste of coffee or the effects of caffeine, and so have coffee only once or twice a year to stay awake driving and coke pretty much never - on the other hand, I haven't had any sleep for a couple of nights and need something in order to continue work on my piece for Policy Review on legislating the war on terror. Is this concoction a sin?:

Can of starbuck's doubleshot expresso
Hot chocolate - much, much high quality French chocolate and whole milk and sugar
Vanilla paste, to feel like the Aztecs
Toad Sweat chocolate dessert hot sauce, enough to give it kick
One teaspoon peanut butter

Served hot.


Anonymous said...

try some Sweet Agony Habanero Syrup or Sweet Agony InCINNerator Habnero Cinnamon Syrup for a different kick in your favorite beverages

Anonymous said...

Here is some more about French chocolate. It has some history and even recommends the best wine/chocolate combinations, which I found to be absolutely delicious. It's for real gourmets!