Monday, January 30, 2006

Links to the Danish cartoons of the Prophet that have caused so much ruckus

(Update, February 3, 2006. My own blog thoughts and mini-manifesto, here.)

(Update, February 2, 2006. I know a lot of people have been visiting, probably looking for the cartoons. As of ten minutes ago, I was able to view them at this site, here, at I'm not an expert on this - I'm following the story mostly via the marvelous Brussels Journal. I do encourage people to view them, post them, pass them around, and be willing to defend the principle of free expression. I would post them myself on this blog, but like one of the commenters below, I can't get them to upload using the Blogger photo function - should I be worried about Blogger's owner, Google, having a "just a little bit evil" censorship policy here? I'm not exactly tech-savvy.)

In honor of the principle of free expression, here are the caricatures of the Prophet that appeared in a Danish newspaper. These are not very good reproductions, as they were taken from a site where they appear all as one image. But it's the principle that counts. Guess what? I'm not a multiculturalist. And I hope, after this is all over, that not too many Danes and Norwegians are, either. I hope that the blogosphere will reproduce these images and the original book illustrations - not cartoons, not caricatures, just book illustrations, something like the Illustrated Bible - everywhere, as a gesture in support of free expression. You can read all about the controversy with on-going coverage, at Brussels Journal, here.

(Question: can some reader point me to a website that has the cartoons as separate images that can be saved as individual images? I would like to reproduce them on the site, not simply as a link, but I do not have a link where I can pick them up as individual images. Please leave as a comment below. Thank you. As I said above, as of February 2, you could see them as individual images at

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See here:

If you want them in one big file, check my blog:

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