Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pajamas media blogjam on rule of law in Iraq and war on terror

(Update, Sunday, December 11, 2005. The other participants will be Glenn Reynolds, David Corn, Jim Bennett, Omar of Iraq the Model, and moderated by Austin Bay. The topic is the Saddam trial, and whether it is the next Nuremberg or OJ or something inbetween or something else altogether.)

I will be participating in a Pajamas Media blogjam on Monday, December 12, at 3:00 pm EST, on the topic of the rule of law and the war on terror. I'll be one of several participants - Austin Bay will be moderating, and I'm not entirely sure who the other participants will be. The topic is set to include the Saddam trial - with its very Saddam-like strategy of killing your own defense attorneys and then depending on the international community to declare the trial thereby unfair to you.

The blogjam can be found at Pajamas Media, here, and it will be archived there, too.

But I wanted to add that for those interested in news and analysis of the Saddam trial, by far the best source is Grotian Moment, a blog with law professors and others following the trial very closely. It includes my good friends Ruth Wedgwood of Johns Hopkins SAIS, Paul Williams of my very own American University faculty and Mike Newton, formerly a law professor at West Point and someone who spend considerable time in Iraq working on the set up for the trial and now at Vanderbilt Law School. It is also very nice of Case Western University to host the site.

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