Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Claudia Rosett on SG's ill-conceived UN reform plan

Claudia Rosett - who is unlikely ever to receive a much deserved Pulitzer for having blown the lid off the oil-for-food scandal - says better than I what is so deeply, deeply wrong with Kofi Annan's new proposal for UN reform, in the Wall Street Journal, here. Her conclusion?

"How to reform the U.N. is a big question, in need of real debate and workable proposals from some quarter. What we got from Mr. Annan as he presented this latest menu for U.N. improvement was his warning that no one should pick and choose among his proposals "a la carte." Great. If he really wants all or nothing, the next move is to toss this report, and start looking for a secretary-general who can get it right."

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